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Reading the Signs to Be a Better Negotiator

Believe it or not, being an effectual business negotiator requires skills that owe more to Sherlock Holmes than, say, Dale Carnegie. The ability to interpret the mannerisms, tone of voice, or involuntary personal tics of an associate or sales prospect will help you gain the upper hand in managing employees and finalizing a deal in your favor. This session will help you identify what cues to read and what to ignore when working with clients, vendors, affiliates, and employees. The presentation will show how to use these “detective” skills to better read people during face-to-face conversations, email, and phone calls, and also provide you with the lowdown on understanding your own emotional intelligence. Are you as emotionally intelligent as you think or do you need to change your approach when reading other people?

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Beer, award-winning professor at the University of Texas

The Pitfalls of Contracts and What to Look For

You’ll learn how to negotiate your charter or shuttle contract like a boss in this session by ensuring that it safeguards your company and doesn’t set you up for failure with early-out clauses, liquidated damages, unrealistic reporting, or unfavorable payment plans. It will focus on a sales-driven approach from proposal process to signed contract with a special emphasis on research-driven negotiation (not just best practices).

Presented by: Carolyn Callahan of Reston Limousine and Patrick O'Brien of O'Brien & Associates

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Beyond Borders: The Impact of the Global Business Landscape

This session will focus on what you need to know and do to successfully expand your reach by sending more business to international markets. Although U.S. operators will benefit from this session, it is designed specifically for and led by international operators. Key issues covered will include overcoming language and currency hurdles, finding untapped opportunities, networking efficiently, and leveraging relationships.

Moderated by: Kristen Carroll of The LMC Group
Presented by: Nadeem Ajaib of Icona Global, Patrick Pierron of EQSL Global and Ralf Rehder of Action Worldwide Limousines

Wage and Hour Laws
Patrick O'Brien
Daniel Crowley & Associates
Roberta Pike
Pike & Pike

This timely session tackles the tricky and critical topic of wage and hour laws, a relevant topic for any operator in our industry. Learn the basics that will safeguard you and your company from the most common errors small business owners experience. The speakers, both accomplished attorneys who are entrenched in chauffeured transportation, will also discuss the ins and outs of contractual negotiations. There will also be a limited Q&A session—which is essentially free legal advice. This is one you won’t want to miss!