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International Business: How to Manage Risk & Insurance

This session will focus on how to manage national and international affiliate bookings, with an emphaisis on identifying liability issues and how to manage business risk. Insurance coverage, proper paperwork, and how to avoid additional exposure to economic risks will be covered, with the goal of understanding the benefits and drawbacks of these business opportunities.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance

It Could Be YOU! Developing a Proactive Crisis Management Strategy

Is your company prepared for when your team, place of business, or equipment are involved in a catastrophic incident? All employees and stakeholders must understand their roles and think quickly on their feet during a crisis or things may spiral out of control very quickly. Learn from insurance and public relations experts as well as an operator who has first-hand experience on how to prepare your company and staff for any potential crisis.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance, Jeff Greene of Greene Worldwide Transportation, and David Harrison of EVINS Communications

Understanding and Negotiating Your Insurance Policy

Our speakers will help to navigate the legalese of your insurance policy, how to best position your company for the fairest rates, and even share ways you can stay insured if your company doesn’t renew your coverage. The panel will also address the different needs that smaller and larger operators have as well as how to prepare for growth.

Presented by: Alan Candeub of Park Avenue Limousine, Timothy Delaney of Lancer Insurance and Doug Schwartz of Executive Ground Transportation

Creative Revenue Streams Right Under Your Nose

Increase revenue by doing more with what you already have, using your current infrastructure thoughtfully. We’ll touch on areas within your business that could be used in slow times to increase revenue. Examples include loss of use, short-term rentals, reallocation of fleet, paying local affiliates for their drivers, leasing drivers, using vehicles to transport things other than people (high-priority delivery items) and retail work for internal departments such as detailing or in-house mechanics.

Presented by: Alan Candeub of Park Avenue Limousine and Daniel Perez of DPV Transportation

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The Pitfalls of Contracts and What to Look For

You’ll learn how to negotiate your charter or shuttle contract like a boss in this session by ensuring that it safeguards your company and doesn’t set you up for failure with early-out clauses, liquidated damages, unrealistic reporting, or unfavorable payment plans. It will focus on a sales-driven approach from proposal process to signed contract with a special emphasis on research-driven negotiation (not just best practices).

Presented by: Carolyn Callahan of Reston Limousine and Patrick O'Brien of O'Brien & Associates

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Are You Getting the Best Possible Insurance Rates?

Join us for a timely and useful workshop that will help operators keep their costs down by getting the best possible insurance rates. We’ll give you examples of what insurance companies look for when they’re determining your rates. Topics include knowing and understanding loss runs, managing claims, hiring practices, ongoing training, and the quality of your chauffeurs on staff. While insurance regulations certainly differ from state to state, you’re bound to get a wealth of information from this session.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance and Steve Friedberg of Research Underwriters

Is Your Company Prepared for a Serious Multiple Injury Crash?

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance