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Live! Mock DOT Audit

Worried about what to expect with a surprise audit? We’ve got you covered: This all important session will help you get organized and prep your company and employees should you face an audit—and trust us, you will! Never be unprepared again.

Presented by: Richard Bates of the FMCSA

Acing Compliance With DOT Recordkeeping and ELDs

Staying within the confines of all that the DOT expects can be a full-time job for operators running buses and coaches, and there’s plenty of minutiae to navigate with the federal rules and regulations. Guinn and Bowers will help walk you through some of the sticking points, as well as some of the new requirements coming down the pike.

Presented by: Jay Bowers of AJL International and Joe Guinn of Limo & Bus Compliance
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow of Broadway Elite

Rules of the Road: Staying on Top of Bus and Motorcoach Regulations

Eliminate the anxiety of the stress out of DOT compliance with this invaluable and informative session conveniently held on our show floor. Through a mock DOT audit administered by our experienced presenters, attendees will get a clear understanding of DOT and DOL components facing the bus and motorcoach industry, learn the importance of stringent record keeping and hours of service logs, and evaluate the advantages of ELDs. Regulations and guidelines and relating to substance abuse testing will also be discussed, giving you everything you need to follow the rules of the road.

Presented by: Joe Guinn, Owner of Limousine & Bus Compliance
Moderated by: Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite

Understanding FMCSA Compliance Including SMS Scoring, ELD, and Idling Laws

Presented by: Keith Johnson of Reston Limousine

Bus & Motorcoach Regulations Coming Down the Pike

Presented by: Godfrey LeBron of the United Motorcoach Association and Brandon Buchanan of American Bus Association

DOT Compliance and Audit Readiness

Presented by: Joe Guinn of Limo & Bus Compliance and Johnny Sower of Chariots For Hire

Maximizing Areas and Opportunities for Growth in the Bus and Motorcoach Arena
Barry Gross
Reston Limousine
Robert Vaughn
Best Transportation
Ken Presley

Buses and motorcoaches continue to be a fast-growing segment of the industry. The investment may be significant, but contracts with local and state government, schools, DMCs, entertainment venues, and the like provide much-needed stability. Learn how to get started and identify opportunities for growth, while reducing risks and avoiding common pitfalls.