2014 CD Show Seminars

Differentiating Your Company When Prospecting Clients and Throughout the Sales Process

Lenore D'
Cognizant Strategy Management
Raymond Cheng
Black Pearl Transportation

Learn innovative secrets and challenge yourself with role-playing and real-world scenarios to dramatically increase sales. Find out how to create an effective value proposition, build an objection portfolio, get past the gatekeeper, address a single prospect vs. a group, and better identify different personality types.

State of the Industry: New Trends in Corporate and Global Travel

Cheryl Berkman
Music Express Worldwide
Dean De Beer
Tristar Worldwide
David Seelinger
EmpireCLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services

Changing and adapting is the name of the game in chauffeured transportation as we continue to face competition from unregulated TNCs, expand service to new parts of the world, and closely watch the emerging markets where our corporate customers are going to or coming from. This panel discussion is moderated by Chris Weiss and it is sure to be a lively one.

Cheryl Berkman
CEO and President
Music Express Worldwide

Cheryl Berkman is one of the most recognized leaders in the industry. She took over management of the successful company that her father, the late Harold Berkman, founded in 1973. She grew up in the business, working with both her parents until their deaths. Like her father, Berkman has the passion for the industry and has grown the company to include four office locations (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.) with hundreds of vehicles and staff. She’s active in both the NLA and the Greater California Livery Association; Music Express was founding members of both associations.

Dean De Beer
Tristar Worldwide

Dean De Beer joined Tristar in 1997, when it was already a well-known airport transfer business. For the first five years before becoming CEO, he served as finance director. A qualified accountant, De Beer has over 20 years of experience in the service industry, where he learned to place an emphasis on the importance of customer service. He was a senior executive with highly respected company Rentokil, in South Africa. Here he learned how to generate great customer relations and the importance therefore of a buttoned down, highly detailed, streamlined, efficient, and effective service.

David Seelinger
CEO and Chairman
EmpireCLS Worldwide

David Seelinger joined Empire International in 1983 and worked his way up to vice president then president by 1990. Several years later he merged the company with CLS to form one of the largest networks in the world. In addition to leading EmpireCLS, he is also the founder of MadKota Technologies, which was designed specifically for the chauffeured ground transportation industry. Also a proponent of greener travel, Seelinger has authored an e-book called From the Ground to the Sky: Your Guide to Sustainable Travel.

HR Training: Establishing Rules for Social Media, Cell Phones, and the Internet

Kristen Carroll
Grace Limousine / The LMC Group
Christina Davis
The LMC Group

Technology allows you to better communicate with your employees, but it also brings with it way too many distractions and risks. Social media adds another wrinkle as employees are expected to use it as a business tool, but the potential for misuse or abuse exists. This session will help you establish written policies that provide boundaries for employees and strike a balance for maximum productivity.

Download Handouts, Powerpoint and MP3

Affiliate Primer: Understanding What It Takes To Be a Better Partner

Tami Saccoccio
Commonwealth Worldwide
Terry Cox
Coastal Car Worldwide

Want to pick up work from international networks? Find out how to present yourself, fine-tune your operation to get in the game, and optimize opportunities like industry events. This session features tips and a Q&A, and is conveniently scheduled just before our Affiliate Central Global Partner Forum—where you can immediately put our presenters’ advice to good use. Wednesday G

How to Compensate and Motivate Employees: Including Chauffeurs, Reservations, Dispatch, Sales, and Other Office Staff

Kristen Carroll
Grace Limousine and The LMC Group

Data derived from a recent survey (conducted by Chauffeur Driven and The LMC Group) of a broad range of operators is the foundation for this session, which teaches you how to make sure your entire staff is compensated in a way that makes them want to work harder … and smarter. It’ll provide the perfect benchmarking tool and each employee type is addressed.

Leadership and Decision-Making

Andi Gray
Strategy Leaders

Leadership is a complex topic. The job of every leader is to cultivate and protect trust, especially with employees. Teach people how to make good decisions, and expose them early and often to the training they’ll need to become successful leaders. Do you have a decision-making system built? Do your employees know their boundaries? Are they allowed to fail, in order to learn?

Uber/TNC Panel Discussion

Al LaGasse
Matt Daus
Michael Fogarty
Tristar Worldwide and TLPA

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)—which connect passengers to commercial vehicles directly via an app—have shaken up the entire industry as they continue to enter more markets internationally and expand their service offerings. Our panel discussion— moderated by Jason Sharenow—features the leading industry experts on the topic, who will offer an update on the current situation, offer suggestions on what can be done, and answer your questions.

Maximizing Areas and Opportunities for Growth in the Bus and
Tiara Ballroom A Motorcoach Arena

Barry Gross
Reston Limousine
Robert Vaughn
Best Transportation
Ken Presley

Buses and motorcoaches continue to be a fast-growing segment of the industry. The investment may be significant, but contracts with local and state government, schools, DMCs, entertainment venues, and the like provide much-needed stability. Learn how to get started and identify opportunities for growth, while reducing risks and avoiding common pitfalls.

Download Handouts, Powerpoint and MP3

Creating and Implementing a Quality Control & Mystery Shopper Program

Brett Tyson
Mike Zappone
All Transportation Network

It’s essential to know what your employees are doing when you’re not looking; even the best managers have problem employees who hide their bad behaviors well. By implementing some simple, inexpensive programs and new technologies, you can cultivate some valuable data that lets you see your employees’ service through the eyes of your customers.

Download Handouts, Powerpoint and MP3

Improving Operational Efficiency Through Productivity Tools and Technology

Jason Sharenow
Broadway Elite
Tony Simon
Reston Limousine

Experienced operators will share insights about the latest products and help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of new technologies and current techniques. Whether it's an app, telephony, or a new back-office system, our experts will help you become a more efficient and cost-conscious operation, while making the most of your budget.

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