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Limo U Session — The Secrets to Winning Large Corporate Accounts That The Big Guys Don’t Want You to Know About

Driven by Limo U Founder Bill Faeth, this session will help you to discover the secret to crushing your fears and finding the next big opportunity in corporate work. Faeth will draw on his experience from working with some of the largest operations in the industry as well as personally closing large accounts with companies such as Dollar General, Nissan, Delta, and Cracker Barrel.

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Limo University

Limo U Session — Marketing Truths: How to Not Get Screwed By Your SEO and Ads Manager

Do you actually know if the people managing your SEO or paid advertising are genuinely providing value? Are they making an impact or just wasting money? Marketing is just one of many important ways you connect with new and repeat customers, so it’s critical to make sure you’re not throwing away your budget dollars. Take a deep dive with Bill Faeth as he educates you on the unknown problems to help you drive great ROI.

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Limo University

Limo U Boot Camp (Parts 1 and 2)

These sessions—a combined four hours of in-depth, step-by-step training—are designed to take your business to the next level in 2020 … and beyond. Bill Faeth, Tami Saccoccio, and Kelly Alderete will discuss how to prepare, win, and profit from an affiliate business as well as ways to gain the best educational value on building an effective sales and marketing strategy.

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Limo University, Kelly Alderete of Premier Transportation of Dallas, and Tami Saccoccio of Commonwealth Worldwide

Managing Online Reviews and Dealing With Potential PR Challenges

As the social media landscape continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year—with new sites and apps entering the field regularly—maintaining your online presence has become increasingly challenging. And with social media becoming an ever-more valuable, if not essential, tool for successful marketing, it’s important that operators learn how to craft their online presence into success. Our presenters will provide an overview of the social media space, with a heavy emphasis on managing your internet reviews from clients, which can be a PR nightmare.

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Inbound Marketing Agents and Faith Glasgow of Peak Limousine

How to Sell 24 Hours a Day With an Automated Sales Funnel

Presented by: Bill Faeth of Limo University

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Chauffeur Recruiting Wars: Beat the TNCs at Their Own Game
Bill Faeth
Inbound Marketing Agents
Bruce Heinrich
LEADER Worldwide
Michael Solomon
USA Transportation

Do you wonder why TNCs have successfully attracted drivers to work for them? Recruiting quality chauffeurs isn’t what it used to be: It’s about the sales and marketing of your company to attract the best to work for you. This requires much more than just a Craigslist post, but isn’t difficult as long as you know what to do. Panelists will share proven strategies, tools, and posting locations to boost your chauffeur recruiting game. You will learn why traditional channels are not as effective as Facebook advertising, as well as how to immediately implement a successful recruiting campaign in a step-by-step presentation.

Technology Panel
Evan Michaels
Coastal Car Worldwide PowWow Smart
Bill Faeth
Inbound Marketing Agents
Carl Haley
Grand Avenue Worldwide

This progressive and fast-paced panel discussion will focus on essential and cutting-edge productivity tools (including CRM, tablet technology, and apps) to help you manage and get the most out of your business, employees, and time. There will also be special guests to discuss the industry’s hottest topic...Uber.

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