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Commit to Selling! Are You Growing Business in Your Own Backyard?

Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands every month on marketing, one place the vast majority of operators big and small overlook is how to grow sales right now with what they have. Increase sales every week for a few hundred, instead of many thousands. You will walk away from this workshop with tangible strategies and actionable items from an operator who grew a company from $0 to $5M within five years.

Presented by: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

What’s the Right Corporate Structure for You?

Are you protected legally and financially? This session probes the types of business ownership, the pros and cons of each, and what is best for you based on your number of employees and numerous other factors. This is a vital session, especially if you have shareholders or concerns about how you can protect your personal assets from legal challenges.

Presented by: Drew Morris of Nachmias Morris & Alt

Reading the Signs to Be a Better Negotiator

Believe it or not, being an effectual business negotiator requires skills that owe more to Sherlock Holmes than, say, Dale Carnegie. The ability to interpret the mannerisms, tone of voice, or involuntary personal tics of an associate or sales prospect will help you gain the upper hand in managing employees and finalizing a deal in your favor. This session will help you identify what cues to read and what to ignore when working with clients, vendors, affiliates, and employees. The presentation will show how to use these “detective” skills to better read people during face-to-face conversations, email, and phone calls, and also provide you with the lowdown on understanding your own emotional intelligence. Are you as emotionally intelligent as you think or do you need to change your approach when reading other people?

Presented by: Dr. Jennifer Beer, award-winning professor at the University of Texas

Lead Smarter By Letting Go

As a business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for an owner/operator to effectively focus on growth while juggling the many day-to-day responsibilities of a luxury ground transportation company. This session will equip you to be a more effective and efficient leader and give you tools to build a smarter and more-engaged team around you. By being deliberate about where you spend your time and energy, you can develop your team to be more engaged, entrusted, and accountable for the results your business needs today and in the future. Leading smarter by letting go requires you to know WHY you must let go, WHAT you must let go of, WHO you must let go to, and WHEN the right time to let go is. By the end of this session, you will have the answers to all four questions for your own business.

Presented by: Dean Ash, Co-Founder of 360 Consulting and Jolynda Ash, SVP of Human Resources for Gold’s Gym

Optimizing Your Business for Greater Profitability
Stuart Rothstein
SMARTCars Intelligent Chauffeured Transportation
Michael Lindsey
Lindsey Limousine

A minor tweak here and there can really impact your bottom line. This seminar teaches you how analyze all areas of your company and enjoy real savings to drive bigger profits into your pockets. You’ll be surprised how much money is right there on the table in front of you.

Working On - Not In - Your Business
Andi Gray
Strategy Leaders
Brett Tyson

All too often we get caught up in the week-to-week monotony of running our businesses without taking a much-needed 30,000 foot view. Stop getting side-tracked by all those daily interruptions and learn how to more clearly see and develop the big picture that is your business. This workshop will teach you essential time management skills, as well as when to take charge, when to delegate, and how to get your staff operating at peak efficiency to see bigger returns. It will also cover finding that vital work/personal life balance.