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The Dangers of Owner Dependency

If you’re a business owner, avoid the catastrophe of making your company depend solely on you. This session is designed to help leaders share power, plan for the future, and welcome healthy debate from their staff.

Presented by: Bruno Teixeira

International Business: How to Manage Risk & Insurance

This session will focus on how to manage national and international affiliate bookings, with an emphaisis on identifying liability issues and how to manage business risk. Insurance coverage, proper paperwork, and how to avoid additional exposure to economic risks will be covered, with the goal of understanding the benefits and drawbacks of these business opportunities.

Presented by: Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance

What Qualified Buyers Look for When Buying Companies

Coming soon.

Presented by: Ken Lucci of Driving Your Income

Training Motorcoach Drivers: Common Mistakes, Preventable Accidents & Avoidable Incidents

Learn what it takes to put together an effective motorcoach driver training program that will help reduce accidents and incidents while increasing customer service.

Presented by: James Blain of PAX Training

Before You Hire Another Chauffeur…Do This!

Learn what it takes to save yourself time, money, and headaches by hiring the right person for the job and eliminating applicants destined to fail.

Presented by: Bruce Heinrich of PAX Training